Business only cares about the value that you add
Baktybek Aitbaev
Currently I'm engaged as a chapter lead of Product Owners in Beeline Kyrgyzstan

My passion is to create and deliver value for people
My strategy is to find intersections between interests of consumers, business and other participants of the ecosystem with benefits for each side
Opportunities that new technologies bring to every day life inspire me the most

Feel free to communicate
My skills, energy and passion would be helpful in following cases
Defining crucial hypothesis and testing them
Finding new revenue streams, points of growth
Developing strategies and finding system limits
This elements of my life experince shape me as a person and professional
Wide range of industry expertise
Over 5 years in strategic consulting makes easy to see the whole picture, key elements of the ecosystem, find key success factors, barriers and market drivers, system constraints, structurally package, convey messages, wide industry pool (digital, telecom, finance, HORECA, FMCG , oil and gas industry, landlord business, consulting, education, entertainment)
10 years of right experience
10 years of experience in marketing, both on the agency side and on the client side, gives a deep understanding of the subject: from the development of an archetypical brand platform, an effective marketing strategy, to understanding of which keywords would be transactional in search
Entrepreneurial mindset
Experience in entrepreneurship and own online store - N1 in category (Kyrgyzstan), means that I would not allow money go down the drain and talk about image advertising in a startup, but treat the company's resources carefully as my own
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